Announcement of SDGs activities across the university at the United Nations Headquarters:
President Sugano and others announced the efforts of the SDGs at the UN headquarters at the high-level forum of ministerial level:
President Kanno and others participated in a high-level forum of ministerial level

UN High Level Political Forum entitled “Education for Sustainable Development for 2030” hosted by UNESCO and co-sponsored by the Japanese, German, and Kenyan governments at the United Nations headquarters on July 15th, 8 am-9:30am At the side event of (HLPF), President Hiroshi Kanno introduced the University's efforts.

First, Ms Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director of Education for UNESCO, explained the purpose of the meeting to raise interest in ESD contribution to achieve the SDGs and to discuss future plans for ESD by 2030. Next, Ms. Fumiyasu Hirashita, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan UNESCO National Committee, will co-host the Society in congratulations on holding the meeting and promoting ESD to achieve the SDGs. There was a talk about the importance of the governments of Germany and Kenya.

Next, President Hiroshi Kanno introduced the University's efforts as the only presentation of the meeting. Since 2005, we have been leading ESD globally in cooperation with Okayama City, and we have developed a whole institution's approach to achieve the SDGs throughout the university and the region under the Sagano Vision. He stated that he received the 1st Japan SDGs Award and that he created the Asia-Pacific Framework for ESD Teacher Education as a specific example of efforts to achieve the SDGs. In November this year, we announced a global meeting on the global framework for ESD teacher education, which is scheduled to be held at our university in November.

There will be a panel discussion by Giannini Assistant Director-General for Education, Kazuhiro Yoshida, Professor of Hiroshima University (Co-Chair of SDGs Education 2030 Steering Committee), Ms Kornelia Haugg, Director of the German Ministry of Education and Science, and Ms Kerstin Forsberg of Pereta, Planeta Océano did. The SDGs are a big agenda. The SDGs cannot be achieved without education, and the key is ESD, and links and networks between various sectors are essential. Okayama University pioneered the whole institution's approach. And mentioned that it has the ability and reliability to meet global standards. The announcement of the whole institution ’s approach by President Kanno seemed particularly impressive, and the discussion was oriented.

About 20 Japanese government delegations from industry, academia and government participating in the United Nations HLPF participated in the dinner hosted by the UN Government Representative Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary held on the evening of the day. Attendance. Various information exchanges were conducted regarding the current status and future development of Japan regarding the SDGs.

Presenter: President Kanno
Panelists: From left,
Assistant Secretary for Giannini
UNESCO Education
Leicht UNESCO ESD Manager, Leicht

From right
President Kanno
4th Haugg, Director of the German Ministry of Education and Academic Affairs
5th Professor Kazuhiro Yoshida (Hiroshima University)

From left:
Vice President Yokoi
Ambassador Hiroo Bessho
President Kanno

From left:
Counselor Yota Kato
President Kanno
Ambassador Toshiya Hoshino (deputy seat)
Vice President Yokoi